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Will You Be Attending Portal’s Big Data Debate in Edinburgh 2013?

Portal’s Big Data Debate – 14th March 2013 Big Data is a term that is getting thrown about quite a bit these days. The way we all work and live in the digital world has grown rapidly over the past few years and businesses are able to tap into ... Continue Reading »


Warning! Using Joomla & the Beez template? You’ve probably been hacked…

What’s the issue? In recent months we have detected a growing number of Joomla websites on the net that use the Beez Template, which has then been hacked. So much so that we would advise against using this template at all. The hacker or worm is abl ... Continue Reading »


Social Media Starts With A Thorough Plan!

Nothing works without planning, even if it is something that is as seemingly simple as interacting with your target audience on social media. In fact, engaging your audience on social media is not as simple as it seems. You need to plan everything, f ... Continue Reading »


Key Essentials to Look For When Hiring a Link Builder

In today’s web scenario, if you want to make it to the top of the SERPs, you need organic links. However, you cannot sit and wait for links to pop up naturally. You need a well planned strategy for link building so that the entire process seems eth ... Continue Reading »


How jQuery allowed Web Designers to ditch Flash

Flash was the ruling monarch of the web animation world until web developers began to notice limitations. For one, Flash brought down load speed of the page drastically. The biggest blow was dealt when Steve Jobs announced that Apple gadgets would no ... Continue Reading »


Understanding the Robots.txt file – Is Yours Bot-friendly?

If you do not understand the technicalities involved in the creation of web pages, you probably have not heard about Robots.txt. In simple words, Robots.txt is a text file that can manipulate the behaviour of search engine crawlers towards your websi ... Continue Reading »


Five Optimising Tips For Your Ecommerce Store, lets look at Magento!

Magento comes with several inbuilt features that help ensure that every ecommerce site built on it is SEO friendly. However, if you do not take care of certain elements, the Magento ecommerce store begins to perform very slowly and hampers your SEO e ... Continue Reading »


Is Yelp Good for Small Businesses?

Yelp has turned into something more than just a directory of listed services. Digital marketing agency consultants agree that Yelp has become one of the first sources that people think of when they want to find a place to shop, have dinner or a drink ... Continue Reading »


Is HTML5 & CSS3 The Way Forward? We Think So…

HTML5 and CSS3 are definitely the way forward. They are finding more and more acceptance from various browsers and are continuously evolving into more stable platforms for web design. A number of new semantics have been introduced in these platforms ... Continue Reading »


Where is your Company’s Place in the Marketing Cooking Bowl?

With the Internet emerging as a major source of marketing, advertising and marketing consultants are seeking out novel ways to merge online and offline campaigns in order to ensure that businesses obtain maximum visibility. Internet marketing consult ... Continue Reading »

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