Are Old SEO Techniques Holding You Back?

Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing And Can Often Do More Harm Than Good!

The Internet is one of the world’s greatest inventions; being able to read up on any subject that you like at the click of a mouse, gives us all greater knowledge. However, simply reading up on something doesn’t mean it can make you an expert in any particular field. We are always hearing from certain people who say things like; “My mate is an expert and he says…” or “I read this website and it said you should have…” or “The last company we worked with say you don’t need…”

Each conversation usually ends up with someone else convincing them that out-of-date tactics are what they should be doing to improve their website rankings. The truth is, those people class themselves as “knowing about SEO” because they have read something online that is now out of date and end up leading people down the wrong path. What will shock you even more is that some web companies are renowned for doing this – just because a company can design and build a website, it does not make them a specialist in the online marketing world.

The trouble is when out-of-date tactics are used they can be holding your website back. Some can be harmless, however the fact that their work is focused on tactics that won’t make a single bit of difference means that your focus isn’t on anything beneficial.

Here at FIJ Design, we hate seeing people and businesses mislead when it comes to improving a websites performance. Below is some of the old, out-of-date SEO tactics that you need to look out for:

Duplicate Sites

Too many companies are talked into setting up more than one website or owning duplicate domains. This is exactly what Google does not want you to be doing. It is amazing how many people still think that the more websites you have, the more chance you will have of being found in the search results. Unfortunately things just aren’t that easy. Having duplicate pages is bad enough, but having an entire duplicate site online could completely ruin any chances of you having any rank at all.

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are one of the biggest out-of-date tactics still being used today. Many inexperienced web companies are still advising customers to use meta keywords to be found in the search results. This was the case a few years ago, but the web has changed since then and things are much more complex. Search engines don’t read them and they simply don’t care about them. The only people who may look at them is your competitors, as it will inform them of the terms you are working with. So, using meta keywords can now do more harm than good, so stop using them!

Exact Match Link Building

If you are running a link building campaign that is not being professionally managed, it can be doing more harm than good. All links are good for a site, however if all you have done is focused on creating anchor text links using one or a couple of terms you could be overdoing it. Search engine algorithms have evolved, so doing this just simply wont cut it anymore. You need to balance your anchor text and mix it up as much as possible, otherwise you will see your rank drop dramatically.

Submitting To Search Engines

Many people still ask the age-old question: “Have you submitted my site to any search engines?” Some web companies still boast that they offer this as part of their service. The truth is, you can submit your site all day long but it won’t make any difference. If you want Google to find you and index your site then the best way is to add a Google Webmaster tools account and register the website. Your web company should do this for you, FIJ does as part of our standard services. People need to understand that search engines are much smarter than simply submitting your website link to them. If you want to compete online, you need to make more effort. (This is different from sitemap.xml file submission.)

Targeting Unrealistic Keywords

Carrying out keyword research and analysis is one of the most important steps in SEO today. By targeting terms you don’t have a hope in hell ranking for, you will completely take your eye off what you should be going after and miss out on keywords where you can get strong rankings and decent traffic. A professional online marketing agency will be able to tell you what keywords get the best returns for your business based upon your website, market, customers and competition.

Take Things Seriously

If you are serious about improving your websites rank and want to gain good quality traffic that gives you the highest chances of conversions, stop listening to your mate or that small web company around the corner. Pick up the phone and give our online marketing specialists a call on 020 8894 2373. Our team will set the record straight and guarantees real results for your business.

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