Is Your Website Viewable On A Tablet?

There is more and more talk these days about optimising your website for mobile search for smartphone and tablet devices. Whilst websites need to be optimised for desktop users and search engines, it’s important that other media is not being forgotten.

Tablets Growing In Popularity

As more people are buying into tablet devices, we are beginning to see a shift in the way that we access our information. Some people buy into a product as soon as it is released and others buy into a product later on in a time when they have established that technology and changing habits will inevitably move on. However, it’s important that website owners are not getting left behind.

Is Your Website Tablet Ready?

These days, more and more people have Internet compatible phones and tablet devices than they did ten and even five years ago, but what does this mean for online businesses? Well, as people seek information on the move via a mobile or a tablet device, there is more of a need for your own website to be noticed via these platforms in the search results. So, the main question that needs to be thought about is whether or not your website is ready for tablet viewing.

These devices have many functions and allow us to access news and local information, among a host of other options. However, it is online shopping that is one of the more common activities carried out in the UK via tablets. Interestingly through, only a small proportion of retail websites are fully optimised for tablet devices. The statistics show that only 10% have created a website compatible for tablet browsing. In addition, only 26% of these sites have an iPad app and less than 20% have made Android tablet apps. But what do these figures mean? Essentially this is a massive market that your business could be exploiting and a whole new avenue to direct traffic to your site. Something not to be overlooked!

However, it appears that we are in a transitional period whereby companies are still deciding whether or not to put financial backing forward to create apps and mobile and tablet visible sites. Hopefully we will start to see more companies taking this approach more seriously over the coming years as companies like Apple continue to develop the technology to make online shopping via tablets possible.

What Value Will It Bring To My Company?

Well for businesses, especially those in the retail market, people can shop via the tablet site at home or on the move, compare prices and buy online. People no longer just sit at home and go on the computer to purchase products online, they are using a number of other devices to do their browsing. As this is becoming a habit that could potentially have dramatic effects on the desktop computer within the current decade, it’s important to get ahead of the competition and start optimising your site ready for tablet viewing. Failing to do so will only leave you further behind in the coming years.

All our websites are multi-browser compatible and tested for mobiles, tablets and desktop use, as standard. If you would like more information or a free evaluation of your website, give the team a call on 020 8894 2373.

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