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Every business who is serious about operating online will know that Twitter has become a must have tool. The tricky thing is, even though Twitter can give your business a massive exposure boost, it can take up a lot of your time to achieve this. Tweeting regularly about relevant content is one of the key aspects of any social marketing campaign but it can be difficult to schedule time in to write and send out the tweets.

But, don’t worry. Here are some of our top tool tips that can be used to save you time and money:


Twuffer is a simple Twitter buffer, which allows you to produce tweets as well as arrange for them to be posted at a particular time. Other uses of this service include pre-planned announcements, reminders for appointments and notification of upcoming events.



PostLater is a fantastic tool for users with multiple blogs. You simply write a post on your blog and then schedule the date and time you want to publish at. PostLater takes care of the rest. The top four blogging platforms support it and it has the added bonus of being a premium site, which means there is no advertising attached.


Social Oomph

This is one of the most powerful scheduling tools on the market. With Social Oomph, users can save and reuse drafts, schedule them and track particular keywords to take advantage of scheduled @replies and DMs.



Timely is an intelligent tool that will analyse recent tweets and determines the time of day to Tweet in order to achieve optimal impact. Timely will then schedule your tweets to go out in that time period. This helps your Twitter profile by posting your tweets at a time of day that will gain the maximum exposure and in-turn get the highest number of retweets.


The number of tools available to help manage your Twitter account is now huge. We advise having a look around and getting to know the different types of tools available, but do make sure you include these in your search.

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