What Are Negative Keywords?

Most people understand what keywords are, when it comes to advertising on the web. When it comes to pay-per-click marketing, choosing the right keywords make all the difference to a campaign that works and one that doesn’t. What many people don’t know is that there are two kinds of keywords; positive and negative. We all know that positive keywords are those words that you would like your adverts to appear for, negative keywords are simply the opposite.

Defining Your Negative Keywords

Defining your negative keywords is a vital process when setting up your PPC campaigns, ensuring that your adverts don’t appear for searches that are not relevant to your business. If not setup, you will find that you will end up paying for a load of clicks that bring your business no return. The success of any PPC campaign is usually measured by its effectiveness in attracting targeted visitors with minimal outlay, therefore it is necessary to ensure that any advertisements are as focused as possible by removing any redundant terms that could be ruining the Click Through Rate (CTR).

Negative Keywords Testing

When it comes to setting up your pay-per-click campaigns, you will need to write your ad text and define your landing page before you add in your keywords. Most of the time, you won’t know what your negative keywords are until you have run a few different adverts and monitored their performance. From this, trends should appear and your list will start to build.

A negative keyword is a term that is typically related to the ad text but not relevant to your website, so by including these words you will make sure that your adverts do not come up in the search results for words that have little or nothing to do with your website. As you keep an eye on your campaigns, you will start to see clicks that may not be as relevant as you first thought. For example, if you run a website selling Snooker equipment, you wouldn’t want your website to appear for the term ‘Snooker Tickets’. Even though your website is about Snooker, you don’t sell tickets so would not want someone to click-through for that term.

Get The Most Out Of Your PPC Budget

As your campaigns develop and mature you will be able to extract more irrelevant keywords and help to make sure that your adverts are only appearing for the most relevant searches. By including negative keywords, along with your standard keywords, you can help make your PPC budget go much further.

Professional PPC Management

The more focused your campaign, the better it will perform and the higher your CTR ought to become. This is why we always advise clients to have their pay-per-click campaigns managed by a professional online marketing agency, like FIJ Design. With the many years of experience we have in Internet Marketing, and the long list of success stories, we are the number one choice for PPC Management.

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