Why Rankings Fluctuate In Search Engines

Any website owner will tell you how much their websites rank can change on a daily basis. Even if a website has an extensive amount of search engine optimisation behind it, there will always be some terms that slip down a position or two. But, the question we always get asked is why? Well, allow us to explain:

Key Effecting Factors

There are a number of factors that cause a fluctuation in rankings but the most common is a reshuffling by the search engines. When the likes of Google, Bing or Yahoo make small changes to their algorithms, some websites may experience sudden drops or gains in their rankings. Over a short period of time these will level out and a stable position will emerge once again.

Another obvious factor is to loose position naturally, due to an SEO and Marketing increase by your competitors. With more businesses investing in professional SEO services, the top search positions become highly competitive, making it harder for your site to rank against them. Website strength is only gained over time and targeted optimisation; the search engine ranking should then follow accordingly.

Whoops, Cause Of A Major Ranking Dip

A more concerning reason for a major dip in your position could be down to a major SEO issue. If you have been doing anything that is classed as a ‘little risky’ in terms of acceptability within search engines, then you can find yourself demoted in an instant. Search engines have sophisticated web crawlers who use an equally intricate set of codes to determine rankings and uncover anything that shouldn’t be there.

Sticking By The Rules

Because of the reasons listed above, it is important that you always stick to the search engines rules and let your site be as natural and honest as possible. Many website owners try to take risks, but it really is not worth it – the potential benefits are negligible and the outcome can be catastrophic. Whilst search engines will reinstate you after a lengthy renegotiation process, it will take a long time and in that time, you risk loosing a lot of business.

In general, search engines are reasonably consistent. If your website has improved from their perspective, they will reward it; if another is found to be better than your own, then it will take your place. Major fluctuations are an unfortunate bi-product of the search engine algorithm’s need to be updated and modernised, but should be no cause for concern – at least not instantly.

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